Proper Golf Attire For Men And Women

Almost any type of sport requires an individual to wear proper attire. It is in the rule book of each type of sport and it should be followed accordingly to prevent disqualification. Looking good in every game is a must since it can help boost self confidence and most especially, it keeps the player to feel comfortable all throughout the game.

Golf is no exception with observing proper dress code. You cannot just walk inside the perimeters of the golf course wearing slippers and neither will you be allowed to wear tee shirt while playing the game. You probably have noticed how formal the players looked and how properly groomed they are and that is how exactly it should be.

The sport golf is one of the most popular recreational activity and competitive sports in the world. Each participant uses a variety of clubs to drive a small ball into a succession of either 9 or 18 designated holes over a course which is designed to have many obstacles in as few strokes as possible. Golf is usually played by groups of two or four people who move throughout the course together with each participant taking turns to play his ball. The ball must be played as it lies but there is an exception to this. Any unusual circumstance wherein the ball is to be moved to a slightly better position is allowed.

The winner in this type of sport is the one who has used few strokes to complete the whole course. The golf course generally has 18 holes spread over a vast landscaped area that is designed to have a number of hazards such as water, rough sand traps or also known as bunker and trees to make the game more difficult. As the game has constantly been developed, the courses are even more difficult to play. Players need to have constant practice and must develop the value of patience and perseverance.

Wearing the right attire can help relax the mind of the players the same s having the right self defense weapon like the streetwise stun baton helps in relaxing the minds of an individual. Walking to distant areas under the heat of the sun sure does make the player to have a high temperature especially when he is unable to hit the ball correctly. The player needs to wear clothes that will not limit his swings. Women and men have specific dress codes that they need to follow similar to how the tazer for sale in the market have specific rules that individuals should learn and follow.

For men, they are required to wear collared shirts, the right pair of pants or shorts and a good pair of golf shoes. Shoes must have a soft spike to prevent from damaging the lawn. For women, they are allowed to wear collared shirts and Capri pants. Skirts are also allowed for them as well provided that it is it not more than 5 inches above the knee. The shoes are still the same with that of men. Use of plain socks is preferred and they can wear a hat or a visor to protect them from the heat of the sun.

You see, these are all just simple rules that can help in making the player become successful in the sport. You need to be comfortable at all times that is why there are rules with regards to the right attire.

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